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Vertical Transportation eXcellence

Elevator and Escalator Consultants


Building information modeling of escalators and elevatorVTX employs a comprehensive, technically and commercially sound, innovative approach for each of the services we provide. The potential impact one system, product, or technology may have on other building services, such as the HVAC and electrical systems, is fully considered when taking into account the benefits and effects of system integrations.

Our scope of services can be as broad or as limited as required to meet the specific needs of your projects, and include:

  • New elevator, escalator, and moving walk
  • Modernization of elevators, escalators, and moving walks
  • Due diligence inspections
  • Annual inspection contracts
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Maintenance management and performance evaluation
  • Construction management and contract enforcement
  • Intelligent building design concept integration
  • Specialized services for owner maintained facilities
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance management software systems
  • Building information modeling

New Building Design

Installing an escalator in the World Trade Center
  • Pedestrian traffic analysis
  • Schematic design including core development
  • Equipment selection
  • Code compliance analysis
  • Design development, contract documents
  • Peer review of contract documents/approach
  • Value engineering
  • Quality assurance review
  • Commissioning and owner's representative services
  • Remote motoring
  • O&M maintenance program
  • Construction phase services

Contract Maintenance Analysis

Shea Stadium
  • Equipment surveys and contract review
  • Maintenance management
  • Development of tailored maintenance agreements
  • Reconciliation of problematic areas
  • Code compliance analysis
  • Periodic, routine, and annual inspection services

Construction Management and Contract Enforcement

Escalator installation
  • Project planning and program services
  • Design-build services for construction and facilities management
  • Commissioning
  • Contract enforcement
  • Product enforcement
  • Acceptance and annual inspection services

New Construction, Design, and Modernization

Phoenix Sky Train® Airport escalator installation
  • Elevators
  • Escalators
  • Moving walks

Value Added Maintenance Consulting

Oculus Network
  • Remote monitoring of equipment
  • Database management consulting
  • Work order development
  • Organization development
  • Procedural development and review

Our team firmly believes in the benefits of remote monitoring of vertical transportation equipment as a tool to improve the performance and availability of equipment. We can develop solutions using our patent pending Oculus Network® approach or use our expertise in application of other systems.


Escalator inspection
  • Independent reviews of equipment
  • Code compliance
  • ASME Q.E.I.-1 certified inspectors for elevators, escalators, and moving walks



Vertical transportation equipment is a significant capital investment for any owner. Major overhauls and replacements are costly and have a serious impact on airport operations. An effective preventive maintenance program helps to protect the investments and to maximize the safe, useful life of each piece of equipment.

VTX’s special tool, Parametricoder™, helps airport operators protect that investment. The Parametricoder gathers precisely measured parameters of speed, vibrations, accelerations, and decelerations to provide excellent technical data that reflects both the mechanical systems used and the electrical systems controlling them. Armed with this data, an effective preventive maintenance program can be written to maximize the safe, useful life of each piece of equipment.