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Vertical Transportation eXcellence

Elevator and Escalator Consultants



VTX®┬áprovides vertical transportation design and consulting services for projects in the field of sports, leisure, and hospitality. Our experience includes stadiums, convention centers, arenas, hotels, and casinos. Whether performing condition analysis on vertical transportation equipment, studies to connect stadiums to downtown and local transit stations, evaluating different automated people mover technologies, or performing traffic studies in multiuse high-rises such as casinos and hotels, our staff of certified elevator inspectors (CEI) have on average 25 years experience in the industry.

By integrating our experience in recreational facilities for sports, entertainment, and public gathering and events, we bring complete knowledge, service, and commitment to this unique and demanding market. Sports facilities rely on many design specialties. As a result, we can offer trusted guidance to the owner(s) of the facility.

We have served both professional and collegiate facilities including stadiums for baseball, arenas for football, tennis facilities, and multi-purpose recreation centers.

Phoenix Convention Center

Representative Recreation/Hospitality Projects

Gulfstream Racetrack

Gulfstream RacetrackLocation: Melbourne, Fla.

Advised the client on critical strategic decisions related to elevators and escalators during planning and design.

Tucson Convention Center

Tucson Convention Center escalatorLocation: Tucson, Ariz.

VTX is providing Phase I vertical transportation modernization services, including construction administration services for two escalators, one stage lift, and two hydraulic freight elevators.

Los Angeles Convention Center

Los Angeles Convention CenterLocation: Los Angeles, Calif.

Provided inspection and evaluation of vertical transportation equipment located in the Los Angeles Convention Center. Provided elevator and escalator maintenance audit inspections to confirm that the current condition of equipment meets industry standards prior to the expiration of the City's full-services maintenance contract. Analyzed elevator ride quality and tested the performance of the escalators using VTX's Parametricoder™ diagnostic system.

Phoenix Convention Center

Phoenix Convention CenterLocation: Phoenix, Ariz.

Provided commissioning services for all vertical transportation (elevators, escalators, and VRC) installed at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Radisson Suites, Tucson

Western Maryland Hospital CenterLocation: Tucson, Ariz.

Provided a maintenance and safety audit on eight hydraulic elevators.

Shea Stadium

Location: Queens, N.Y.

Provided condition analysis services and designed an immediate action plan, budget, specification, and construction oversight for the required elevator and escalator repairs. Services included a full, annual inspection of the internal and external assets in the stadium, including structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, and civil assessments.

Yankee Stadium

Yankee StadiumLocation: Bronx, N.Y.

Provided condition analysis services and prepared a detailed report citing suggested repairs and associated budgets for the stadiums elevators and escalators. Services included a full, annual inspection of the internal and external assets in the stadium, including structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, and civil assessments.

Camden Yard Sport Complex

Location: Baltimore, Md.

VTX is performing as a subconsultant to assess present conditions of key equipment at Oriole Park, Warehouse, M&T Bank Stadium, and the Maryland Hall of Fame.