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VTX® Employees Receive Inspector Licenses for the State of Florida

Peter W. McVicker, C.E.I.Peter W. McVicker, C.E.I.

(June 23, 2009/Harrisburg, Pa.) Three VTX employees have received their Certified Elevator Inspector (C.E.I.) licenses within the State of Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation. VTX is an elevator and escalator consulting firm that serves aviation, education, government, healthcare, commercial, retail, recreation, and public transit clients across the United States.

As VTX continues to grow and expand in the Southeast, these certifications will offer a value-added service to its clients in Florida by allowing the firm to provide inspection services. To date, VTX has provided a variety of services for the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority, including elevator and escalator maintenance specifications, remote monitoring design, and elevator and escalator design consulting services.

Edward J. Shane, C.E.I. Edward J. Shane, C.E.I.

Independent third-party inspectors have grown in popularity among many states because of the number of units growing faster than the state inspectors’ time allows. By offsetting either some or all of the inspection services to third-party inspectors, states can maintain inspection requirements without bearing the additional financial burden of growing their own inspection staff.

Peter W. McVicker, C.E.I., is a project manager in the New York City office with 37 years of experience. He is responsible for developing standards for elevator and escalator designs, providing solutions for upgrading existing installations, conducting in-depth inspections, performing construction, and assisting clients and designers with the interpretation of official codes.

Michael S. Miller, C.E.I. Michael S. Miller, C.E.I.

Edward J. Shane, C.E.I., a vertical transportation specialist in the Philadelphia, Pa., office, is responsible for project management assignments and developing technical design drawings and calculations relating to vertical transportation. He has 28 years of experience.

Michael S. Miller, C.E.I., a vertical transportation specialist in the Philadelphia office who has 19 years of experience, conducts contract compliance, code compliance, project management, third-party inspections, maintenance and safety audits, and surveys of elevators, escalators, and dumbwaiters.

VTX operates as a division of Gannett Fleming, Inc., an international planning, design, and construction management firm.

For more information, please contact David Hansen at 215.561.4201 or via email.