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VTX® Awarded BWI Airport Vertical Transportation Inspection and Services Contract

(July 27, 2009/Baltimore, Md.) The Maryland Aviation Administration (MAA) awarded a five-year vertical transportation inspections and services contract to Vertical Transportation Excellence (VTX), an elevator consulting firm that services commercial, institutional, and public transit markets.

This is a continuation of the first, five-year contract awarded in 2004. VTX will provide maintenance oversight of elevators, escalators, and moving walks at the Baltimore Washington International (BWI) Airport terminals. Joseph McGovern, C.E.I., an operations manager based out of the Baltimore, Md., office was responsible for securing the contract.

Work will include bi-annual and annual audits to determine quality of maintenance, performance, code compliance, and on-call services to perform final acceptance inspections on newly installed units. VTX will also prepare recommendations for performance and safety enhancements and upgrades related to the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

The detailed annual inspections of vertical transportation equipment will assess the effectiveness of the airport's preventive maintenance program and will include specialized performance testing of both the escalators and moving walkways. This specialized performance testing is completed using VTX's Parametricoder™. The Parametricoder is a time and displacement encoding system that enables VTX to secure a range of motion performance data from operating equipment. The criteria allows the data to be true diagnostic measurements that can be used to monitor changes within the escalators and moving walk over time.

VTX operates as a division of Gannett Fleming, an international planning, design, and construction management firm.

For more information, please contact David Hansen at 215.561.4201 or via email.