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Time and Schedule is Expensive in Elevator & Escalator Projects!

Most vertical transportation projects have a built in period of time for engineering and design for contractors produce shop drawings for approval. In many pre-engineered applications, this is a minimal time frame with little impact on the fabrication and construction schedule.

However, in modernizations and custom new construction projects, special engineering, shop drawing and the subsequent approval process can take months!

For these types of projects VTX®┬áhas come up with a unique design solution, that designs can accurately depict the actual conditions.

Eliminating the typical six to eight week review period for elevator contractor shop drawings.

Smart Design

VTX has the ability to develop the initial design drawings (i.e. contract drawings) to be used as shop drawings. In turn, the contractor can submit the contract drawings to the sub contractors directly for fabrication and eliminating the typical 6-8 week review period for elevator contractor shop drawings.

This increased effort in planning and design assures the Owner that the specialized products will be built as they desire with no confusion, cost cutting, or setbacks. The Owner's approval of a particular layout, cab, or fixture, eliminates the shop drawing approval process, allowing the successful contractor to take the bid drawings directly to fabrication without delay or additional approvals.

An Even Playing Field

This approach also levels the bidding field to more completely assure the Owner that the bidders are pricing the project on the same product(s). The Contractor also benefits because the risk of manufacturing and design of these components is reduced from their interpretation of bid drawings and specifications to the designer. The contractor can take these bid drawings immediately after the Notice To Proceed (NTP) with confidence to manufacturing, knowing that the drawings meet the job requirements completely.

Of course, this means that the initial survey and design must be accurate and detailed. When a decision to modernize an elevator system is made, a detailed survey of the equipment and specific local conditions should be performed. VTX's approach relies heavily on an accurate survey of the existing elevator system which will serve as the backbone to an effective design.

When specific notes and sketches are developed in the field, along with an extensive equipment evaluation, the design process can be effectively implemented. VTX has found that when an accurate up front survey is performed, the traditional bid drawing package can be developed into a fabrication drawing package. The details developed based on these survey's leaves no unreasonable doubt as to what is to be replaced and what is to be rehabilitated.

In new construction applications, many custom installations may exist that require close coordination with other architectural and engineering disciplines. This same approach of developing vertical transportation bid drawings as complete fabrication drawings can save time, money, and confusion for all parties.

Time for a Change?

The next time you contemplate a fast track, time sensitive vertical transportation project, you may want to consider a change from the traditional bid drawing - NTP - Engineering - Shop drawing - Approval - Resubmit process to VTX's Smart Design: Bid-NTP-Fabricate. See figure presented below.

Our focus is simple, to deliver a smooth flow in the shop drawing process. Our process is a clear and precise design solution that can eliminate up to eight weeks from the typical shop drawing process. This process consolidates steps of traditional shop drawing, creating a more efficient use of time, and providing a solid design solution. VTX

VTX Smart Design