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The process drives the software;
the software doesn't drive the process.

Do you believe in preventative maintenance? VTX® specializes in providing consulting services to facility owners and managers to optimize the operations and maintenance function of their vertical transportation systems. Our commitment to excellence provides our clients with a competitive advantage as we partner to find unique facilities-based solutions to their specific business needs.

As discussed in our last issue, our firm's Oculus Network® is a design process for generic, open-source code remote monitoring and maintenance for elevators, escalators, pumps, fans, and other equipment (new and existing).

CMMS and alarm serverThe storehouse of the Oculus Network is the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). Selecting and implementing a CMMS can be a laborious process and can be even more demanding for organizations with multiple buildings, especially if those facilities are spread across the country and have a different CMMS for scheduling and tracking maintenance activities.

Ensuring a CMMS fulfills the needs of everyone affected requires a team effort, involving experts from the field: the consultant, designer, client, and owner, including people who mange and operate the facilities and use the system, plant operations and maintenance staff, and IT department.

CMMS processThe team's goal should be to provided all maintenance employees, both at the local and corporate levels, with a consistent, effective tool to track and schedule preventive maintenance, identify areas for process improvement, and target better ways to spend maintenance dollars.

Saber is a CMMS that collects, stores, and reports facilities data. It provides asset management, work order management, and materials management to help maximize productivity and extend the life of assets. Saber is flexible to support operations and maintenance and can be set up for multitudes of clients in various facilities:

  • Data Centers
  • Educational
  • Governmental
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Military
  • Office Buildings
  • Transportation
  • Water/Wastewater

This strategic asset management tool tracks maintenance and associated costs, including labor and inventory, to maintain a state of good repair and achieve other objectives such as liability and uptime.

Saber enables our clients to understand and manage the economics of their buildings and related systems; including elevators, escalators, moving walks, pumps, valves, electrical components, HVAC units, fleet vehicles, traffic signs and signals, and equipment warranties.


Saber helps you run your operation better by tracking preventive maintenance procedures; maintaining data such as equipment, schedules, and downtime; and producing work orders, effort, materials, documents, and work history.

  • Provides single point of interaction with operation applications, process, and people.
  • Makes the most of limited resources, optimizing maintenance schedules to assure equipment uptime is maximized.
  • Saves money by using existing resources more efficiently. Allows you to allocate labor resources better, streamline workflow, and prioritize work orders.
  • Optimizes performance by maximizing uptime.

Free Demo

A free, 30-day trail demonstration is available for download at

We look forward to sitting down with you to discuss your needs and understand your business and associated facilities' infrastructure. After we have a thorough understanding of the current environment and assess your needs, we can customize Saber so that it supports the mission of your facility. We are there with you from the beginning to the end, including the installation of the software, installation of the required databases, and training in the use of the software. VTX