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Elevator Modernization Tips

  1. ElevatorIncrease the starts per hour ratings on the hoist motors, especially for hydraulic elevators.
  2. Determine if VFAC drives are regenerative or non regenerative.
  3. Obtain BTU ratings from bidders based on HP and starts per hour.
  4. Get drawings for approval on any piping changes considered as part of hydraulic modernizations.
  5. Consider a heavier duty elevator door operator; there is a Housing Authority model more appropriate for hospital use than department store models.
  6. Add "Z" brackets to all hoistway and car doors.
  7. Use vandal resistant fixtures.
  8. Upgrade the class loading on elevators when laundry carts, X-ray machines, or other devices are going to be used. If you don't specify this, you will get a class A design prohibiting the loading of more than 25% of the elevator capacity in one load.
  9. Consider defining "generic controllers" instead of the OEM standard.
  10. Make sure that every step of your modernization is consistent with your overall goals.
  11. Finally, remember that when you take an elevator out of service for modernization, the balance of the elevators will have to take that load. This means that they will probably breakdown more than they did before you started. It may get worse before it gets better when modernizing a bank of elevators. This makes the maintenance program a vital part of preparing for the modernization!

For more information on emergency power and grounding considerations for elevator modernizations, go to Technical Library.